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International Medical Center HJM:

Specific features and details

HJM International Medical Center was established in 2003 as one of the first projects of HJM Holding Company that manages more than 300 enterprises and institutions. HJM IMC project proved to become the successful example of putting the ideas into practice.

This hospital is the only medical establishment selected by the South Korea government as the demonstration area for medical tourism. HJM IMC is the FIRST INTERNATIONAL medical center in South Korea that started purposefully attracts patients from overseas.

The medical center is located in the environmentally safe tourist area of Gyeonggi-do province, Gapyeong-gun district, 40 km eastward of Seoul. Hospital wards and guest rooms of the Center are arranged as hotel rooms. There are 15 departments for out-patient care.

The Center harmoniously combines the newest Western medicine and traditional oriental medicine.

The achievements of HJM IMC are as follows:

2007 ‒ award from the Public Health Ministry of the Republic of Korea for contribution to the international medical tourism development.

2011 ‒ First place among medical organizations of Korea by the number of overseas patients (as evaluated by Public Health Ministry of the Republic of Korea).

2013 ‒ assignment of the title «The leader in the international tourism».

It should be emphasized that the patients of HJM IMC included a great number of VIP from different countries, including several states presidents.

Major Departments & Centers

Orthopedic Surgery

The main types of treatment provided in the orthopedic surgery department

  • – Spine surgery: treatment of spinal disc herniation, vertebral compression using kyphoplasty, posterior fixation and other methods
  • – Total joint replacement
  • – Arthroscopic (minimum invasion) surgery of joints and spine
  • – Ligament and tendon recovery after trauma (microsurgery)
  • – Treatment of patients with external traumas and pain syndromes caused by orthopedic diseases
  • – Treatment of sport traumas, capsulitis, arthritis and spine problems

Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine

Main types of treatments carried out in the department

  • – Parkinson disease
  • – Alzheimer disease
  • – Dementing disease
  • – Disordered motor function
  • – Strokes
  • – Epilepsy
  • – Chronic dizziness and headaches


General Surgery





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