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  • Introduction

    Dankook University Hospital is a patient-oriented medical institution. DKUH minimized waiting time through full observance of reservation system, and shortened examination time through cutting-edge computer network. DKUH provides pleasant and comfortable environment for patients. DKUH puts patients as a top priority. Dankook University Hospital has world-class medical teams and state-of-the-art equipments. DKUH boasts the highest level of operation and treatment records. It has performed the largest number of operations on the high risk diseases among the hospitals in middle district of Korea. Furthermore, by cooperating with prestigious institutions like Seoul National University Hospital(SNUH) and St. Vincent Hospital in USA, DKUH makes ardent effort to advance in medical field. Moreover, it proudly provides more precise and diverse medical services based on high-tech medical information system like Full-PACS(picture archiving communication system),which saves and transfers medical images. For foreign patients, the International Healthcare Center at Dankook University Hospital provides a variety of services; assistance with scheduling appointments, escorting patients, translation service and so on. Full-time medical specialists are available during their stay at the hospital to answer questions or help them with any problems they may have. Most of medical teams have no difficulty in communicating in English.
  • Major Departments & Centers

    Cardiac Center

    The Cardiovascular Center of Dankook University Hospital was selected as the 1st grade hospital in the management of Acute myocardial infarction by the Ministry of Health & Welfare, and Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service. The Cardiovascular Center offers special disease and condition-related clinics which bring together the expertise of numerous specialists including Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Emergency Medicine and Radiology, to focus on the often complex needs of patients with a variety of cardiovascular diseases(high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease, disease of aorta/peripheral artery, or arrhythmia, etc.). All staffs in Cardiovascular Center are available 24 hours a day to treat anyone needing emergency cardiovascular care. Our Center consists of outpatient and inpatient care units, cardiology critical care unit, cardiac catheterization lab, echocardiography lab, exercise test lab, Holter test lab, electrocardiogram lab, electrophysiology lab, cardiac CT lab, nuclear myocardial SPECT lab.

    Colorectal Cancer Center

    Over one thousand patients of colorectal cancer were operated in the colorectal surgery department of Dankook University Hospital. We started laparoscopic colorectal surgery in 2003 and standardized the operation technique through one hundred cases. Now, laparoscopic operation is possible in the most cases of colorectal cancer, even in the total proctocolectomy with ileal pouch anal anastomosis.
    The laparoscopic surgery of colorectal cancer has several advantages over conventional open surgery; small wound, less pain, early return of bowel movement, and shortened hospital stay. In cases of low rectal cancer near to the anus, permanent colostomy was inevitable in the past. But, sphincter saving operation is possible in the most cases due to the use of preoperative chemo-radiation or inter-sphincteric resection nowadays.

    Breast Cancer Center

    The breast conserving surgery and oncoplastic breast cancer surgery is very popular in Dankook University Hospital. The breast surgeons and plastic surgeons work together to provide high cure rates with minimal psychological loss and excellent cosmetic results. Oncoplastic breast cancer surgery is an operation technique to remove the breast cancer while maintaining the breast shape.
    After diagnosed by needle biopsy with ultrasonography and mammography, the patient is admitted one day before surgery. In the operation room, we make sure that there is no remained cancer cell by frozen biopsy. The breast shape can be maintained by approximation of the residual breast tissue and the defect can be filled by artificial tissue (absorbable mesh). We reduce the lymph edema (arm swelling) by sentinel lymph node biopsy in case of negative axillary lymph node metastasis. According to the results of the biopsy, patients undergo the chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Patients, who are not suitable for the breast conservation surgery because of a large tumor, can also save their breast by the conserving surgery after preoperative chemotherapy for reducing tumor size. In case of the astectomy, plastic surgeons can provide breast reconstruction immediately or delayed.
    Patients can be discharged 7 days after surgery. They visit the clinic for the wound care. If the patients need chemotherapy, it can be done at the outpatient clinic or inpatient status for a day. Radiation therapy can also be done at the outpatient clinic. And then patients are followed by 3 or 6 month intervals with oral anti-hormonal agents depending on the results of hormone receptor tests.

  • International Services

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