Chang Hak

Seoul National University Hospital(SNUH)


Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery


Breast reconstruction and aesthetic surgery, Facial paralysis reconstruction, Surgical treatment of Lymphedema, Cosmetic Surgery (face lift, eyelid surgery), Scar revision

Academic Background and Work Experience

  • ~ 2001.7.9 Keio University, Japan, College of Medicine Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery / Ph.D.
  • 1983.3.1 ~ 1989.2.28 Seoul National University College of Medicine / M.D.
  • As a junior member of the faculty, Professor Chang is devoted to both clinical treatment and academic research. He graduated from SNU medical school (1989) and finished his residency in Keio medical school, Japan, as a plastic surgery specialist. He majored neurosurgery at Seguchi center of neurology, Japan, and general surgery at Osaka National Hospital, Japan. He served as a researcher in the Research center of Microsurgery in NYU and finished fellowship of plastic surgery in Kyorin university hospital. He currently holds the place of the executive officer in the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. Utilizing his valuable experiences in various fields, he performs operations successfully and has published several papers in journals including the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery.

Secretariat 4th Floor, Korea Health Industry Development Institute Osong Health Technology Administration Complex 187 Osongsaengmyeong2-ro,Gangoe-Myeon Cheongwon-Gun Chungcheongbuk-Do, Republic of Korea

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