Dankook University Hospital, Gave birth to beautiful triplet by overcoming gestational diabetes

November 28, 2018

Beverly, a wife of US military soldier Bentz first visited the Dankook University Hospital after confirming the triplet pregnancy through IVF with fear on the risk of premature birth.She decided to receive antenatal consultations at Dankook University Hospital after being examined by Professor Kim Jongsoo, Obstetrics & Gynecology and seeing the delivery room and obstetric ward. Beverly had been already at high risk of triplet pregnancies and she had to stay in hospital until delivery for stabilizing since the risk of premature birth remains very high due to vaginal bleeding and developing gestational diabetes. Beverly gave birth to healthy triplet with a Caesarean section on the 31st week of pregnancy, and they were able to be discharged after her three premature babies were treated in the neonatal intensive care unit Beverly was worried about breastfeeding and poor parenting initially, but she had been training parents and breastfeeding from a professional nurse who was qualified as an international lactation consultant during her hospital stay.

She sent a thank-you letter to the professor Kim and nurses, “Thank you for helping me to give birth to beautiful three kids as every parent wishes.” She visits the pediatrician in regular basis for vaccination and health care of three babies as well as postpartum recovery.

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