Asan Medical Center, Egyptian surgeon took laparoscopic liver cancer surgery in Korea

October 12, 2018


An Egyptian surgeon who had multiple tumors of the liver visited Asan Medical Center and removed the cancer by laparoscopic surgery.

Muhammad with symptom of fatty liver which 80% of Egyptians have, found five multiple hepatocellular carcinomas including 6cm tumor during abdominal ultrasound. To remove large tumors, he had to receive the ventrotomy which opens the abdomen, but he was worried about postoperative complications. Muhammad whose hobby is bodybuilding, was also worried that he would have the scar of more than 60 cm on his abdomen when he was undergoing open surgery. He wanted to have laparoscopic surgery with less scarring, but there was no laparoscopic surgery or surgery in Egypt.

While he was looking for a global hospital where he could do laparoscopic surgery together with an Egyptian doctor. He found a paper by Professor Kim Ki-hoon of Asan Medical Center in last year’s Surgical Journal. After checking professor Kim has done the most laparoscopic liver cancer surgery in the world, he contacted the hospital. On 4th July, Muhammad took a seven–hour operation to remove multiple hepatocellular carcinoma. After a week of hospitalization, he returned to Egypt at the end of the month.

Muhammad said, “I came to Korea to get treatment and I was worried about a different culture from Egypt. But I was able to regain my strength with the halal food which the hospital prepared for the Muslim patients. I also could focus on the treatment because the hospital provided the prayer room.”

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