An African doctor trained at Sun Medical Center has published a research paper in SCIE class journal

June 14, 2017

Abmelamidou, a Sudanese who received a training program from orthopedics team at Sun Medical Center, participated as co-author in a paper entitled ‘vascularized fibular graft as treatment for osteoncus or bone tumor of pediatric long bones.’ The paper published in a special edition of the March issue of the Journal of Cancer Therapy, SCIE class Journal.
Also, the paper discusses the case of fibrous dysplasia in the long bone, the most difficult to treat among childhood bone tumors.
In early 2015, he could make a relationship with Sun Medical Center by being invited by Corentec, a company specializing in artificial joints, headed by Chairman Doo-Hoon Sun.
This achievement is the result of intense study during the training period of Sun Medical Center from March to October 2015.
Abmelamidou said, “I am very pleased that the paper was listed in the world-famous thesis.” “And I am deeply grateful to Sun Medical Center and Dr. Seung-Koo Lee for helping me to write the paper and to participate the training program. Korea will be remembered forever.”

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