A Kazakhstan patient who has been diagnosed with limb amputation has found a new life

April 20, 2018

Dolmatov Jorabk from Kazakhstan received two stenting procedures at a local hospital in Kazakhstan due to acute arterial occlusion and chronic arteriosclerosis. However, there was no major improvement seen thereafter also. He felt great discouragement and despair when he was diagnosed that he should cut his leg because of acute arterial occlusion. In the meantime, he heard the story from his acquaintance who was treated at Samsung Medical Center, and immediately contacted the hospital. Dr. YangJin Park, a professor of vascular, examined his CT scan, local doctor’s note and video. Prof. Park said, “When I reviewed the data from the local hospital, it was difficult to decide the surgery, but I was able to decide to perform surgery by watching the video of the patient’s legs.” “In particular, when receiving inquiries from overseas, there are often not enough data about patients. This time, I was able to decide on the surgery through video material. Jorabk, who was transferred to the hospital as soon as he arrived in Korea, was admitted to the hospital immediately after receiving the necessary additional tests and underwent vascular bypass and angiography carried out by Prof. Park’s team the next day. “It took only two days to undergo surgery in our hospital because of the rapid communication with the international medical center.” Through a thank-you letter, Dolmatov Jorabk expressed his gratitude to the Park’s medical team, as well as the staffs of the International Medical Center who have been involved in all the treatment processes from Kazakhstan to Korea.

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