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Treatment Department Neurosurgery, Orthopedic, Internal medicine, General Surgery, Thoracic cardiovascular surgery, Anesthesiology, Pathology, Rehabilitation, obstetrics and gynecology, Department of Early Arthritis
Specialized Medical Care

  • Major procedures & Services

    Surgical & Non-surgical Techniques

    Surgical Technique

    Non-incision spinal disc treatment

    - Percutaneous Endoscopic laser-assisted Lumbar Discecotmy (PELD)
    - Percutaneous Endoscopic laser-assisted Cervical Discecotmy (PECD)
    - Percutaneous Endoscopic Laser Annuloplasty (PELA)
    - Percutaneous Endoscopic Cervical disc Annuloplasty (PECA)
    - Percutaneuous Endoscopic Throacic Discoplasty (PETD)
    - CT-Image Guided Spinal Micro-Therapy
    - X-MR Guided Disc Therapy

    MISS(Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery)

    - Open Laser Discectomy (OLD) / Open Laser Lumbar Microdiscectomy (OLM)
    - Automated Open Lumbar Discectomy (AOLD)
    - Interspinous Locker Fixation (ILF) with Ligamentoplasty (ILF)
    - Total Disc Replacement (TDR)
    - Minimally Invasive Lumbar Interbody Fusion with Percutaneous Facet Screw Fixation or Percutaneous Pedicle Screw Fixation (Mini ALIF with PFF, PPF)
    - Thoracoscopic Spinal Surgery (TOSS)
    - Laparoscopic Spinal Surgery (LASS)
    - Retroperitoneal Endoscopic Spine Surgery (RESS)


    - Computer Assisted Navigation Artificial Knee Joint Surgery
    - Computer Assisted Navigation Partial Knee Joint Surgery
    - Arthroscopic Shoulder Ligament Suture Surgery
    - Computer Assisted Navigation Hip Replacement Surgery
    - Hallux Valgus surgery
    - Stem Cell Technology

    Non-Surgical Technique

    Conservative care, Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Physiotherapy, Medication

    Training Program

    Wooridul Hospital has offered the MISS Course, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery course, since 2000 and a one-year Fellowship Course since 2003, in order to teach up-to-date treatment methods to spine surgeons all over the world. Currently, 350 spine surgeons from 28 countries have learned medical practices from Korea; and those who completed the training programs actively serve patients in their countries and refer patients who need delicate operations to Wooridul Hospital.

    Ancillary Services for International Patients

    - On and offline consultation
    - Assisting Korea VISA Issue
    - Airport pick up sending service
    - Reservation and supporting services
    - Interpret and escort service
    - Introducing suitable accommodation
    - Setting up visiting plan and consultation
    - International insurance claiming
    - Providing national city tour program

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    Wooridul Hospital has focused on spine treatment for the last 31 years after it was first established in Busan in 1982. We have grown as a hospital that captures the world’s attention and meets expectations.
    Wooridul Hospital currently manages 10 hospitals which are located in Seoul (3), Busan(2), Daegu(1), Pohang(1), Gwangju(2) and Jeonju(1) in Korea. Shanghai Wooridul Hospital got on board in 2009, Wooridul Spine Center in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2010, Wooridul Spine Centre in Dubai, U.A.E and Wooridul Turkey Spine Center in Istanbul, Turkey were both added in 2011.
    Based on our “Patient First” philosophy, Wooridul Hospital has investigated and developed an advanced spinal surgical technique, the Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery(MISS), that preserves as much of the normal disc tissues as possible and meets patients’ expectations for minimal scarring and fast recovery with reduced complications. These results were achieved by the integrated cooperation of a mult-disciplinary team including: neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, internal medicine physicians, rehabilitation physicians, and thoracic and general surgeons. This integrated team, in addition to over 1,200 employees of Wooridul Hospital, has contributed to the health and welfare of patients around the world.

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  • Eden Shoemaker (33) from California, USA

    I came to Wooridul Hospital to have surgery on my lumbar spine. I had an endoscopic procedure which is a minimally invasive procedure. When I arrived, my body was completely crooked and I had a lot of pain in my legs and lower back. I couldn’t walk or sit very well. The hardest part was getting to South Korea while being injured. Apart from the travel, right now, 2 days after the surgery, I have no pain in my legs or lower back. I will definitely recommend this hospital to other people who are in a similar situation of a lot of pain for an extended period of time. I can’t believe how fast and effective the treatment was. I would like to sincerely thank my coordinator and everybody else here at the hospital for giving me good care while I was here. Thank you.

    Ion Patrascu (55) from Ontario, Canada

    I had 3 levels of complex surgery performed on my neck. The surgery was a complete success. It was called posterior foraminotomy which relieved the pressure on my nerve and cleaned the disc. Wooridul Hospital is specialized in treating all kinds of spine disorders. All the surgeons at Wooridul are very skilled. Once admitted, you will go through a set of examinations right away and you will receive treatment the very next day. That’s how quick things move here. The staff is awesome. They are kind, warm, and very responsible. They also have English, Japanese and Russian translators. My heart goes out to all of these people that went out of their way to give me the best comfort and care. The facility has really clean conditions and the furnishings in the room are very nice. If you suffer from a spinal disease and do not have an answer or have been waiting too long to have the procedure performed, Wooridul might be the solution. If Wooridul does not fix you, look no further. Wooridul shines, like a diamond, among other hospitals around the world. Give them a call because the consultation is free! The operation itself will be very affordable, compared to your own country, and performed in a timely matter. Two thumbs up for Wooridul!

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