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Treatment Department Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Internal medicine, Diagnostic radiology, Anesthesiology, Health Examination center
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  • Major procedures & Services

    Well known for Minimally Invasive Total Knee Replacement Surgery

    + Has reduced the typical incision area from 15 ~ 20cm to 8 ~ 10cm.
    + Minimizes after-surgery pain and bleeding.
    + Ensures early recovery and rehabilitation by preserving as much of the existing muscles and tendon as possible.(Patients can walk as early as four hours after receiving surgery) Enhanced accuracy owing to computer navigation technology.

    Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement Surgery

    + Has reduced the incision size from 20 ~ 25cm to 10cm or less.
    + Minimizes after-surgery pain and bleeding.
    + Ensures early recovery and rehabilitation by preserving as much of the existing muscles and tendon as possible. (Patients can walk as early as four hours after receiving surgery)
    + Wellton is the hospital in the Seoul and Gyeonggi region to have performed the greatest number of Total Hip Replacement Surgery
    + Prevent risks of joint displacement through minimal invasion and preservation of existing muscles and tendons.
    + Stryker, a world-renowned producer of medical equipment, has filmed minimally invasive joint replacement operation performed at Wellton and made it into DVD to be distributed for doctor’s training worldwide.

    Knee Arthroscopy

    + What is arthroscopic surgery?
    Artroscope with Compact, high-precision camera inserted in to the affected area below a 7mm incision in the Damaged joint It allows for accurate diagnosis and treatment of the affected area and to check and easily treat some diseases that are hard to identify by C-T scan or MRI scan.
    + Knee Arthroscopy disease adaptation
    - Anterior, Psterior cruciate ligament tear.
    - meniscus tear
    - Cartilage damage

    Shoulder Arthroscope

    + Shoulder Arthroscopy disease adaptation
    - Shoulder rotator cuff tear
    - Frozen Shoulder, Calcific Tendinitis
    - SLAP, dislocated shoulder

    Non-surgical Spine Care Center

    Our non-surgical spine care center offers innovative nonoperative procedures to relieve neck and back pain, such as percutaneous decompressive epidural neuroplasty, nucleoplasty IMS and full range of nerve blocks. The team is made up of pain physician and specialists from fields including rehabilitation medicine, oriental medicene, physiotherapy and kinesiatrics. The multidisciplinary center provides interdisciplinary approach for more immediate and longer lasting pain relief than drugs, physical therapy, or chiropractic manipulation alone.

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    ·Since opening as a specialist hospital in joint surgery and treatments in 2003, Wellton Hospital expanded and relocated in August 2009 to its present locaton, adopting the latest-technology equipment and medical technology
    ·The hospital minimizes risks of in-surgery infection, with internationally certified technology and equipment, the thorough disinfection system in operation rooms, and the talented orthopedic staff
    ·Wellton Hospital has been named a training center by Johnson & Johnson And Stryker, both renowned producers of medical equipment, for providing Training on knee and hip joint replacements. Through exchange with doctors Abroad, Wellton Hospital continues to adopt better and more advanced Techniques.
    ·The hospital also operates a non-blood transfusion system, which allows us To perform joint replacement procedures without blood transfusion on Patients who for religious or other reasons do not want blood transfusion.
    677 Naebalsan-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, 157-829, Korea
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