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Ulsan University Hospital

Name of the Organization Ulsan University Hospital
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Treatment Department Internal Medicine, Surgery, Ob &Gyn, Pediatrics, Orthopedic Surgery &Arthro center, Digestive Disease center, Neurosurgery, Cardiovascular center, Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Dermatology, Urology, psychiatry, Neurology, Pain medicine, Diagnostic Radiology, Laboratory medicine, Pathology, Emergency medicine, Nuclear medicine, Oral Surgery &Dentistry, Radiation oncology, Rehabilitation medicine, Family medicine & international clinic
Specialized Medical Care Ulsan Cancer Center, Organ Transplant Center, Robotic Surgery Center, Digestive Disease Center, Spinal Center, Breast Center, Cardiovascular Center, Health Promotion Center

  • Major procedures & Services

    Ulsan Cancer Center

    UCC offers integrated care services for cancer patients, including those with the six most common cancers, as cancer is the no.1 cause of death in Korea. The integrated care is aimed to provide high quality one-stop medical services encompassing diagnosis, treatment, education, prevention, rehabilitation, and consultations for cancer patients, their families and the general public. There are specialized departments for each type of cancer. Medical care is provided through consultations among medical professionals, and cancer care coordinators offer support and coordination services for cancer patients.

    Organ Transplant Center

    Established in 1998, OTC performs kidney, liver and corneal transplants. It features a zero percent death rate from complications of surgical care. OTC is the only specialized medical institution for brain-dead patients in Ulsan, and it has the highest organ donation rate from brain-dead patients in Korea. In 2013, OTC was selected by MOHW as the best organ transplant center about brain- dead donors.

    Robotic Surgery Center

    RSC was the first to introduce the da Vinci Xi, a surgical robot, in 2014 in Korea. RSC has actively performed robot-assisted procedures. To provide more systematic care, RSC has expanded robotic surgery from urology to surgery, thoracic surgery, otolaryngology, and obstetrics and gynecology.

    Digestive Disease Center

    DDC holds examination rooms and outpatient clinics that provide efficient, professional diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases associated with the digestive organs of the body, including the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines, anus, liver, biliary tract and pancreas.

    Spinal Center

    Spinal Center provides patient-oriented integrated care services through consultations among specialized medical professors of orthopedics, neurosurgery, rehabilitation, neurology, and anesthesiology to diagnose, treat and prevent spinal injuries and diseases.

    Breast Center

    Breast Center delivers systematic and specialized treatments of breast cancer patients, such as early diagnosis, treatment, research, breast tumor excision using Mammotome, aesthetic breast surgery, and breast reconstruction.

    Cardiovascular Center

    The medical professionals of Cardiovascular Center deliver the best integrated treatment for patients with cardiovascular disease and conduct development and research of new medical technologies to find ways to cure carediovascular disease, one of the main causes of death in Korea.

    Health Promotion Center

    HPC is dedicated to the early detection and prevention of diseases based on accurate and prompt diagnosis and expertise.
    · Introduce the latest precision medical equipment andsystematic medical systems
    · Enable early diagnosis of diseases based on accumulated experience and confidence
    · P rovide the best services through management of health risk factors and consultation systems

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    Ever since Ulsan University Hospital (UUH) opened as the first general hospital of Ulsan in 1975, it has grown into a hospital that represents South-east of Korea, and a hospital that has medical technology and capability that stand in comparison with the hospitals in the metropolitan areas.
    Ulsan University Hospital receives much publicity from the press as a hospital with excellent performance in high-risk surgery, and the status of our hospital is elevating, accordingly. In additional our capacity is highly appreciated in that we are designated as a center specialized in severe disease and as Ulsan Regional Cancer Center. As a result, Ulsan University Hospital has become the only Tertiary Hospital in Ulsan.Ulsan University Hospital is affiliated with Ulsan University College of Medicine and has high-level of achievement in severe cancer treatment and organ transplantation by optimal clinical activities, research and training program and with state of the latest medical equipments.
    UUH as an affiliated hospital with the Hyundai Heavy Industries, is responsible for the health and disease care of the dispatched engineers of the world’s leading companies. The representative doctor of each company visit UUH every 2-3 year to sign a contract with UUH as a designated hospital trusting its medical standard and service. As a result of its diligent fulfillment, UUH has gained confidence of patients from western countries and European nations with advanced medical standards and thus, UUH has a volume of experience in patients of various nations and races.
    Ulsan Universiyty Hospital has the International Clinic Center since 1998, attending approximately 5,000 foreign outpatients annually, admitting 120 inpatients annually these days. As Ulsan has developed as a major industrial city of Korea for 50 years, many foreign patients has been using medical service in UUH because of numerous foreigners’ business visit in Ulsan. UUH has long experiences of medical service for foreign patients with various races, nationalities, ages, and diseases.
    Recently, UUH has increased treatment of serious illnesses for foreign patients because many acute serious diseases and cancer diseases are found by medical health examination. The International Healthcare Center in UUH is ready to provide international medical service into treatment of serious illness for international patients based on high-level of surgery and organ transplantation with long experience of foreigner’s medical service in UUH.
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