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    Percutaneous cardiovascular procedures offer the best treatment for coronary artery disease and diseases related to arrhythmia. These procedures only requires the patient to be hospitalized for
    one to three days afterwards. Furthermore, aching is minimal postop.
    Heart attacks and acute myocardial infarctions( i.e. abnormalities in the cardiac ventricle and ductus arteriosus), and arrhythmia have been the main targets for treatment with these surgical procedures.
    The Sejong hospital has been treating cardiovascular diseases with such efficiency that it has been ranked the best hospital in Korea.


    In the heart, there are the aortic, mitiral, the tricuspid, and the pulmonary artery valves. There are these four types of valves. As one ages, degeneration occurs in these valves. Rheumatic fever
    also relates to these problems in the heart. As these illnesses arise, valve regurgitation occurs, and the blood flow becomes blocked as the entrances of blood flow undergo valve stenosis. To treat these problems, tissue valve or mechanical valve must be replaced, the process which is called a valve operation.


    Coronary bypass is used to treat problems in the coronary artery (the artery which supplies blood to the heart and gives the heart a crown shape) causing its stricture and closing, which can
    eventually render this artery useless. In order to repair the faulty artery, this operation connects the saphenous vein to the artery and connects the substitutional blood vessels of the artery in
    order to remove the stoppage in coronary artery in order to create a smooth flow of blood supply to the heart. Coronary artery bypass normally involves the opening of the middle sternum (median sternotomy) and is performed while a mechanical system oxygenates blood and sends it to the whole body. This system allows the heart to under cardiac bypass so that the operation can be performed on a motionless heart. The microcirculation operation technique has been improved so that the operation can be performed while the cardiac region does not become overwhelmed with blood.
    The Sejong Hospital can perform this operation with efficiency through the hard work and experience of its renowned surgical unit.


    The aorta is an essential blood vessel. High blood pressure can severely damage the aorta. As a result, aortic aneurysm or aortic dissection may occur. These diseases can cause fatal conditions
    for the victim due to the frequent turnovers in blood supply. The Sejong Hospital can perform this operation with efficiency through the hard work and experience of its renowned surgical unit.

    OTHER CARDIOTHORACIC PROCEDURES(congenital heart disease)

    The Sejong hospital treatment of cardiovascular disease was developed in the beginning of the hospital’s establishment as a cardiac-specialized hospital. There are various cardiovascular diseases but they can be identified normally by abnormalities in the cardiac ventricle and regions of the aorta. Sejong Hospital is becoming not only domestically renown but also internationally as the hospital to visit
    for cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular diseases become more severe as time passes, resulting in the weakening functions of the heart. However, if an operation is performed early on, weakening of the heart can be avoided altogether.

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    + Mediplex Sejong Hospital was founded in 1982 as a Heart Hospital with the state-of-theart equipments and facilities and has focused on heart disease more than 30 years. As a result, Sejong General Hospital was authorized as a heart disease specialty hospital in 1989 by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and was nominated as a cardiovascular hospital in Korea in 2005, 2008, 2011.
    + Until 2012 August, We have achieved a Coronaryangiography 54,000th cases and a open heart surgery 27,000th cases.
    + Since 1989 children with congenital heart disease from China, Vietnam, Russia, Papua New Guinea, Mongol, Uzbekistan, and Nepal have been successfully treated surgically and have been giving them new lives. (1056th cases until 2012 August.)
    + Also quite a few medical doctors from abroad, eg, China and Russia, have received training at Sejong Hospital.
    + With our world-class medical technology and efforts in research and clinical activities, we would like to repeat our commitment to contribute to the improvement of the medical communities in Asia as well as in Korea.
    + More than 1,300 cases of heart disease surgeries every year
    + More than 4,400 cases of interventions and angiographies every year
    + Patients from world wide (more than 20 countries)
    28, 489 gil Hohyeon-ro Sosa-gu Bucheon-si Gyeonggi-do Korea
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