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Treatment Department Specialized treatment centers
Cardiovascular Center, Diabetes Center, Emergency Center, Health Promotion Center, Micro-invasive Endoscopy Center, Neuro-cerebral Center, Rehabilitation Center, Digestive Disease Center, Cancer Center, Organ, Transplantation CenterMedical Clinics
Breast Clinic, Dental Care Clinic, Dermatology Clinic, Endocrinology Clinic, Family medicine Clinic, General Surgery Clinic, Infection Clinic, Infertility Clinic, Nephrology Clinic, Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, Occupational Environmental Medicine Clinic, Opthalmology Clinic, Osteoartho Clinic, Otolaryngology Clinic, Anesthesia and Pain Clinic, Psychology Clinic, Respiratory Medicine / Allergy Clinic, Rheumatology Clinic, Spine Clinic, Urology Clinic, Hemato-oncology Clinic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Clinic, Radiation oncology
Specialized Medical Care

  • Major procedures & Services

    Organ Transplantation

    The Organ Transplantation Center is performing liver transplantation(live, brain dead), kidney transplantation, and cornea transplantation by being designated as a hospital of procurement organ(HOPO) and equipped with sharpest edge instruments and reliable medical staff. Especially, in the liver transplantation field, a total of 100 surgery cases were performed successfully within 3 years since the center opened. It is proud of the transplantations success rate of 96.6 percent(Bloodless surgery 26%) and high survival rate(1-year relative survival rate is 92%). This great performance ability is based on systematical cooperation of staff from departments of Hepatopancreaticobiliary, internal medicine, anesthesiology, radiation units and others. An organ transplantation coordinator comprehensively manages outpatient medical care, education of diet, medication, pre-OP and post-OP.

    Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery

    The Cardiovascular Center was established to provide optimal treatment service for patients with arrhythmia and congenital heart disease along with coronary arterial disease, valvular heart disease, disease of myocardium, pericardium and aorta. In the Cardiovascular Center, professors of cardiology, thoracic surgery and radiology are offering top quality treatments by selecting optimal treatment methods through swift organic collaboration. It consists of 11 professors, 28 nurses, staff, and is one of the leaders in the field in Korea, with its excellent surgical outcomes and its high quality of education. PNUYH has a remarkable record in the area of open heart surgery(1,000 cases for the shortest period of time in the nation) and minimal invasive heart surgery(over 300 cases). About 2,500 cases of Cardiovascular and arrhythmia intervention, 1,500 cases of Coronary artery angiography, 600 cases of stent surgery, 300 cases of electrophysiological test, radiofrequency catheter ablation and pacemaker surgery were performed a year.

    The clinical study of anti-cancer viruses

    The clinical study of anti-cancer viruses led by PNUYH Clinical Trials Center researchers has received great attention from such foreign media as Reuters and The Wall Street Journal. The clinical Trial Center and Sillajen Co. Ltd. has confirmed that the anti-cancer antibodies are formed in some of cancer patients participated in the JX-594 clinical trials and the result is published in medical journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science(AAAS). This clinical study is in progress in Korea’s major hospitals and elsewhere in Hongkong, Canada, Europe and the United States. As well as the second half of global clinical studies, the initial clinical trials of liver cancer, kidney cancer also has been led by the clinical trial centers of Pusan ​​National University Hospital and Pusan ​​National University Yangsan Hospital.

    Children’s Hospital

    Children’s Hospital, designed like a shape of boots in fairy tale Gulliver’s Travels, was constructed towards viewpoint of children inside and outside. The Korea’s second national children’s hospital has 240 beds, neonatal intensive care units, operation rooms, aseptic rooms, intensive care units and emergency rooms for infant and children. Especially, In the field of Pediatric congenital heart disease, PNUYH accomplished top performance in the nation with an overall operation death rate of 1% or less(285 cases of cardiac surgery in 2012 includes 202 cases of open heart surgery). Also, bone marrow transplantation for cancer patients is performed more than 10 cases every year.

    Rehabilitation Hospital

    Rehabilitation Hospital ,established in September 2012, sets its target on the improvement of the quality of life by various methods of rehabilitation treatment such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc. It is the largest Rehabilitation hospital in the nation consisting of 15 specialized centers and clinics for Rehabilitation of spine, Neuro-cerebral, cancer, children, recognition etc. Consisting of 4 professors along with nurses and other medical staff, the hospital aims at improving the quality of life with maximum functional restoration when a minor or severe functional disorder occurs.

    Available Foreign Insurances

    tri-care, some foreign insurances which make contract with ISOS, GAP

    Ancillary Service for International Patients

    - Outpatient appointment scheduling and direct admission arrangement
    - Pick-up/drop-off service
    - Multi-language website, brochure (English, Japanese, Chinese and Russian)
    - Language interpretation
    - Assistance before, during and after hospitalization
    - Physician’s referral service
    - City(Pusan, Yangsan) tourism referral service
    - Cell phone loan service
    - Booking accomodations
    - Money exchange guide service

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    Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital(PNUYH), established in November 2008, is the Korea’s first and largest general medical town consisting of such several specialized hospitals as University Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Dental Hospital, Rehabilitation hospital, Korean medicine Hospital and Special disease centers. PNUYH built a good reputation as leaders in the field of liver transplantation and heart surgery. The 1,010 beds hospital is providing the best medical care with excellent staff based on a comprehensive healthcare information system(YES), PACS, logistics automation systems, medical infrastructure, state-of-the-art medical equipments.
    PNUYH is officially authorized in December 2010 through JCI(an internationally renowned organization in the field of medical standards evaluation) certification as “World’s Safest Hospitals” and puts patient safety as the top priority. The 7th JCI accreditation in Korea, PNUYH has constructed international medical standards in 14 sections, 323 standards and 1,038 items such as infection, patients safety, facilities and medical administration. So, PNUYH will give highest and the safest quality of treatment to foreign patients as well as domestic patients.

    - Number of beds : 1,010 (VIP Room : 5, Single Room : 75, Double Room : 104)
    - Number of beds at intensive care units : 72
    - Number of operating rooms : 20

    Geumo-ro 20, Mulgeum-eup, Yangsan-si, Gyeongnam 626-770, Korea


    • Can a foreign patient covered by a Korean insurance policy use the international medical center?

      The international Medical Center does not accept Korean insurance policies.
      If you have purchased a Korean insurance policy and want to use it as a foreigner, call us at 20-3410-3000 and press #1 button, and talk to Ms. Yoo. She will guide you through reservation and use of the hospital.
    • Are there certain procedures not covered by Tricare

      Yes. For more information, contact your local Tricare office or visit their website.
    • What should I do if I cannot contact Tricare in advanced in an emergency situation?

      During business hour, we can contact Tricare for you and check your eligibility. However, after business hour, you will have to pay up-front and bill Tricare yourself.
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