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Name of the Organization Pusan National University Hospital
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Type of the Organization Medical Center Email ihcpnuh@naver.com
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Treatment Department · Gastroenterology
· Cardiology
· Pulmonology
· Endocrinology and Metabolism
· Nephrology
· Hemato-oncology
· Rheumatology
· Infectious Diseases
· Neurology
· Psychiatry
· General surgery
· Orthopedic Surgery
· Neurosurgery
· Thoracic and ·Cardiovascular surgery
· Plastic and Reconstructive surgery
· Obstetrics and Gynecology
· Pediatrics
· Ophthalmology
· Dermatology
· Urology
· Family Medicine
· Rehabilitation Medicine
· Radiation Oncology
· Anesthesia and Pain medicine
· Radiology
· Otorhinolaryngology
· Laboratory Medicine
· Pathology
· Nuclear medicine
· Emergency medicine
Specialized Medical Care · Dental Clinic Center
· Digestive Disease Center
· Busan Cancer Center
· Infertility Center
· Heart&Stroke Center
· Stem Cell Transplantation Center
· Health Promotion Center
· Busan Emergency Medical Center
· Trauma Center
· Special Respiratory Disease Center
· Spine Center

  • Major procedures & Services

    Dermatology – Mohs Micrographic Surgery

    The Presence of tumor cells in all boundary areas of tissue removed by surgery is identified by using a microscope and the result is compared with a diagram prepared in advance to resect the tumor area again. Until the tumor is completely removed from the boundary of a section, this process is repeated and then a defect is restored. PNUH has 1750 successful surgery records til December of 2015.

    Infertility Center – IVF

    Since the Infertility Center opened in 1984, a sperm bank has been established as an attached facility in 1997. As a result of focusing on a infertility surgical procedure caused by male factor and female factor and research, now the center has the highest number of infertility surgical procedures among nation-wide university hospitals. Also while average success rate of infertility surgical procedures nationwide is 33%, Busan(48%) and Incheon(47%) have the highest success rate. In addition, the Infertility Clinic of PNUH has the highest success rate(68%) among infertility institutions in Busan.
    The secret of these great records is state of the art technology of cold storage and micro manipulation for infertility procedure.

    Hemato oncology – Stem Cell Transplantation Center

    The asepsis ward in this center consists of 12 sickbeds. A single room allows guardians to visit 24 hours. Most patients entered the hospital not only to receive allogeneic transplantation from their brothers and sisters, but also, stem cell transplantation of other people and umbilical cord blood transplantation primarily. Each sickbed in multiple rooms is equipped with an asepsis tent and leukemia patients enter the hospital to receive own stem cell transplantation and chemotherapy. The stem cell treatment room is equipped with system for leukapheresis, stem cell treatment, stem cell refrigeration and thaw and high-tech equipment ‘Clini MACS’ for discordance transplantation between parents and children or transplantation of high-risk patients. We have close ties with Japan and Taiwan as well as Korea Marrow Donor Program and Catholic Stem Cell Bank to search for other donors.

    International Health Center Services

    +Provide swift treatments, test and explanation of results and accommodates the opinion of the patients.
    +Provide 24 hour emergency English phone services
    +Multi-language web-site.
    +Provide the western or russian diets for inpatient
    +Provide English and Russian TV channel

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    Pusan National University Hospital was found in 1956, in accordance with national education policy, for the purpose of contributing to medical knowledge and public health through research in the fields of medicine, dentistry, nursing science, and pharmacology.
    It has administered 23 medical departments, 8 dental departments, and a subsidiary research institute since it was incorporated in 1994, with a focus on remaining at the cutting edge of 21st century medical science.
    PNUH which has over 1300beds and 21specialized centers is striving to provide the great quality health care services with a competent staffs and medical infrastructures such as electronic system efficient for patient managing and state of the art equipments. Also, it was re accredited from Ministry of Health and Welfare as a qualified and safe medical institution.
    Especially, in December of 2015, PNUH opened the Trauma Center which is the largest scale in Asia and Special Respiratory Disease Center for the purpose of enhancing public health care by offering more specialized and intensive care.
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