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  • Major procedures & Services

    Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

    ArumdaunNara Cosmetic Surgery Clinic has a variety of specialized clinics, where each clinic has been designed to pursue specialization in its treatment and efficiency in both research and clinical practices. Our specialized clinics include: Plastic Surgery of Eye Clinic, Lipo-Plastic Surgery Clinic, Wrinkle Clinic, Osmidrosis / Bromidrosis Clinic, and more. ArumdaunNara Plastic Surgery Center is very active in promoting latest surgical technologies and equipments. Within each field, we pursue variedness in surgical procedures and usage of various equipments. After consulting a physician, our patients choose most appropriate surgical operation/treatment that suits them the best. ArumdaunNara Cosmetic Surgery Clinic’s Typical Operations Eye Clinic/Nose Clinic/Facial Outline (Implant) Clinic/Osmidrosis /
    Bromidrosis Clinic/Breast Clinic/Lipo(Fat)-Plastic Surgery Clinic /Slim Lipo Surgery of the leg

    ArumdaunNara Laser Clinic

    **Currently has most laser equipments (about 50 various kinds) in South Korea
    **The one place to receive all types of laser treatments ArumdaunNara Dermatology Cosmetic Surgical Center is a topleading dermatology center in Korea, where both the latest clinical technology and equipments are updated regularly to promote research and practice new surgical procedures. Most of the time, we are the first to introduce the latest laser equipments available from overseas, people say that one can easily see the latest trend of laser operations at ArumdaunNara Dermatology Center. For that very reason, a patient can receive the most effective treatment on acne, wrinkles, melasma, scars, and etc.
    according to his/her needs. Clinical Cases of Laser Operation [Laser Treatments to Improve Wrinkles]/[Scar Removal Laser Treatment]/[Melasma Laser Treatment]/[Hair Removal Laser Treatment]/[Hemotelangiosis Laser Treatment]/[Acne Laser Treatment]

    Scar Clinic

    Triple Multi-hole Treatment for Various Scars Triple Multi-hole Treatment for Various Scars is to treat scars including dent scars, burns, etc. by using Ultra pulse Encore Laser, Refine Laser and NTS. Triple Multi-hole Treatment tightly Triple Multi-hole Treatment for Various Scars has no troubles on daily lives of patients since they can wash their faces or put on make-ups after taking an operation. Triple Multi-hole Treatment shows extra treatment effects including skin smoothness, elasticity, shrinking pores, etc. as well.

    Non-surgical Multiple Laser treatment for Wrinkles

    Face lift was the only anti-wrinkle treatment just 10 years ago. ArumdaunNara is the first hospital that has introduced Thermage, a new method to treat wrinkles without surgery and treats the patient’s wrinkles by combining more than three different laser equipments depending on the patient’s skin thickness. It is also possible to perform personalized treatment for skin changes due to aging through combined laser treatments including Re-Firm, E-MAX, G-BEAM, Yellow laser and Lumenis in addition to Ulthera and Thermacool NXT. ArumdaunNara has been invited as a speaker to conferences, home and abroad, to talk about many different non-surgical treatments including Ulthera and Thermacool NXT and trained Asian dermatologists regarding anti-wrinkle treatment. ArumdaunNara is also known as Mecca of anti-wrinkle treatment
    abroad and has a wealth of experiences to perform anti-wrinkle treatment on foreign patients including the Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

    Medical skincare

    Medical Skincare refers to a special skincare by an esthetician as prescribed by a physician. ArumdaunNara Medical skincare Center provides personalized aesthetic programs for every patient after individuals consult a dermatologist. Our dermatologists would carefully examine each individual and prescribe an aesthetic program such as whitening, wrinkle care, elastic care, moisturization, pore-refining, and etc. Medical skincare differs from a general skincare in its effectiveness applying advanced medical knowledge and drugs. * After receiving medical skincare, a patient can immediately go back to his/her normal activities.

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    ArumdaunNara is a ‘Total Beauty clinic’ with collaborated medical treatments of dermatology, plastic surgery and obesity clinics boasting its diversified operations, so that patients can have all related medical services at one place. Arumdaun Nara runs 4 branches in Seoul, Korea and 2 branches Beijing, China. More than 20 dermatologists and plastic surgeons and other professionals staff of 200 provide the best medical service and work together as a team in order to provide the best quality medical care. Arumdaun Nara plays pioneer role by equipping more than 50 different kinds of the most updated medical laser machines. Arumdaun Nara has received plenty of attention from both domestic and international press such as America‘s CNN, Japan‘s NHK, UK’s Reuters, Middle East Al Jazeera and etc. We cover more than 600 presses every year. Arumdaun Nara has received 5 prestigious awards including the Minister‘s Award of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Minister‘s award of the Ministry of Culture, and Tourism.
    12F Mijin Plaza B/D, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea
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