Medical Charity

Yeson ENT(Ear,Nose & Throat) clinic,cure Kazakhstan pediatric patient with laryngeal papilloma.

Yeson ENT undertook free medical treatment for Teya Akhmedova (3 years old), a Kazakhstan, who diagnosed with laryngeal papilloma. At the age of 18 months,Teya went emergency room by developing difficulty breathing. She was diagnosed [...]

Dankook University Hospital, Gave birth to beautiful triplet by overcoming gestational diabetes

Beverly, a wife of US military soldier Bentz first visited the Dankook University Hospital after confirming the triplet pregnancy through IVF with fear on the risk of premature birth.She decided to receive antenatal consultations at [...]

A little 5 year-old Chinese girl underwent throat surgery in the Yeson Voice Center with the medical charity program

Since 2011, Yeson Voice Center has offered free medical treatment as a Medical Charity Program twice a year. A little 5 year-old Chinese girl, Wang Yu Ling is one of the beneficiaries of this medical [...]

Yeson Voice Center Helped a Ukraine boy from Laryngeal Papilloma for Free

Recently, the number of casualties have been over 3,000 in Ukraine due to Ukraine conflict. One of the people in need, 6-year old Yegor Moskalenko suffered from laryngeal papilloma that cause shortness of breath and [...]

Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gangdong, Saved a Mongolian Girl’s Happiness Back

A Mongolian girl who had been suffering from a congenital paraplegia ended up walking again in Korea after having 2 sessions of operations by Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gangdong. Munkzul was invited over to [...]

JK Plastic Surgery Conducted a Campaign ‘New Face, New Dream’

There has been an increase that the public and celebrities go volunteer as well as make a big donation. JK Plastic Surgery has been loyal to carry on a campaign ‘New Face New Dream’. JK [...]

National Cancer Center, Korea Volunteering for Bone Cancer Treatment

National Cancer Center (Director, Lee, Kang Hyun) take the initiative in volunteering for international patients who are suffering from bone cancer. 47-year-old Ms. Amzina Aliyazh was desperate to find the specialist for bone cancer treatment [...]

Russia and Asia Touched by Seoul St.Mary’s Hospial’s Medicine

Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital goes over the national boarder lines to spread the love of medicine like Russia, Kazakhstan, the Philippines and other Asian countries. The doctors and nurses greeted and treated the young patients [...]

Sejong Hospital, volunteering in cardio surgery

8-year old girl, Gyrlie Rexie’s congenital heart disease, PDA has been treated by Dr. Kim, Seong-Ho, of Sejong Hospital. She needed two times of operations to cure her PDA to prevent pulmonary hypertension. Her first [...]
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