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The Catholic University of Korea St. Mary’s Hospital, achieved more than 3,000 cases of kidney transplantation

South Korea writes a new historical record of kidney transplantation as St. Mary’s Hospital Kidney Transplantation Team completes over 3000 cases of Kidney Transplantation. St. Mary’s Hospital reached its 3000th kidney transplantation in August 2018 [...]

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, stories of hair loss treatment that increases the quality of life

Q. What kind of medical checks do hair-loss patients receive when they visit hospital? A. Hair-loss can be divided into two types. It can be either falling-hair type or thinning-hair type. Typical hair disease for [...]

Gachon University Gil Medical Center, Mongol Medical Team says “Thankful for curing children with heart disease”

The director of Bayangol hospital, Ulzii Batijargal, and his team members from Ulaanbaatar in Mongol recently visited Gil Medical Center and expressed their sincere appreciation for curing Mongolian children with heart disease. Ten members of [...]

Samsung Medical Center(SMC), Achieve 20 cases of artificial heart transplantation.

Heart failure team at Cardiac Center in Heart Vascular Stroke Institute in Samsung Medical Center(SMC), achieved 20 cases of ‘Left Ventricular Assist  Device (LVAD) implantation’ in September for the first in Korea. It has only [...]

Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital(PNUYH),succeed in a Combined Liver-Kidney Transplantation(CLKT) simultaneously for the first time in Busan and South Gyeongsang Province Korea.

  The collaboration between  live and kidney transplant team at PNUYH has resulted in first successful combined liver and kidney transplant in Busan and South Gyeongsang Province Korea. The patient was in his 50s who [...]

Dankook University Hospital, Gave birth to beautiful triplet by overcoming gestational diabetes

Beverly, a wife of US military soldier Bentz first visited the Dankook University Hospital after confirming the triplet pregnancy through IVF with fear on the risk of premature birth.She decided to receive antenatal consultations at [...]

Director Noh Dong Young of Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) Healthcare System Gangnam Center, won the contribution award for ‘Globalization of Korean Healthcare.

Director Noh Dong Young, SNUH Gangnam Center won the Globalization of Korean Healthcare Contribution Award’ at the ceremony of Korea Global Medical Service Awards (Medical Asia 2018) Gangnam Center helps the prevention and early detection [...]

Korea International Medical Association(KIMA)Signing a business agreement with Bookimed

    KIMA recently concluded an online PR business agreement with Bookimed, the largest medical tourism platform in the Russian CIS region, to expand of attracting foreign patients. This agreement was participated by SNUH, Bundang [...]

SNUH, “Thanks to Korean medical team” Myanmar’s little angel gains new life.

  In September last year, the parents of Khan PhonPhai, who lives in Myanmar, heard the crushing news from the hospital that their 2 months old son was suffering from Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF). TOF [...]

Asan Medical Center, Egyptian surgeon took laparoscopic liver cancer surgery in Korea

An Egyptian surgeon who had multiple tumors of the liver visited Asan Medical Center and removed the cancer by laparoscopic surgery. Muhammad with symptom of fatty liver which 80% of Egyptians have, found five multiple hepatocellular [...]
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