Choosing Korea as your medical travel destination.
“We provide the most advanced,
reliable healthcare services in the world.”
The Leading Healthcare Country in Asia
+ In Asia, Korea is one of the most advanced countries in healthcare.
+ The number of publications in medical science has been outstanding over the years.
+ Around the globe, the largest number of clinical trials is carried out in Korea.
+ In 2007, Pfizer announced it would invest 3 million dollars in Korea on clinical trials alone.
+ Numerous international community services are performed, including the staff training program for doctors in developing countries, and Korea-funded projects aimed to help developing countries build modern facilities.
+ Korea has the capability and capacity to serve international patients who are looking for top quality treatment at an affordable cost.
The Most Advanced & Reliable Healthcare Services
+ World-class healthcare services accompanied by highly advanced facilities and cutting-edge technology.
+ The government through hospital accreditation and strict evaluation programs monitor the top-uality care continuously.
+ All general hospitals in Korea are non-profit organizations. Therefore, patient’s safety and satisfaction comes first, rather than profitability.
+ International medical societies highly respect our physicians, specialists and surgeons.
Affordable Prices
+ 70~80% lower healthcare cost compared to U.S.
+ Less expensive than international hospitals in China and similar to the price of private hospitals in Singapore
+ No matter the cost, the quality of care provided will fulfill your satisfaction.
Easy Accessibility
+ Geopolitically, travel to Korea has never been easier.
+ It is less than 8 hours flight distance from all Asian and East European Countries.
+ Direct flights are available from major cities in North America and Europe.
+ Waiting time for making appointments is less than 2 weeks.
Who We Are
Korea International Medical Association(KIMA) is a government-private joint initiative founded to promote Healthcare in Korea internationally. KIMA was established in 2007 with the name of CKMP(Council for Korea Medicine Overseas Promotion) and changed its name to KIMA as it has become and association. As an official organization for Medical Tourism, KIMA is supported by the Government, and serves as the “acting body” for a series of national policies in regard to medical travel.

The primary function of KIMA includes promoting Korean healthcare to the international communities and fostering safe and reliable infrastructures. Currently over 32 hospitals and clinics are actively involved as KIMA members Korea Health Industry Development Institute(KHIDI) and Korea Tourism Organization(KTO) are working with KIMA.
In addition, The Ministry for Health, Welfare also supports KIMA activities.

What We Do
In order to accomplish our mission, we are executing a series of projects to display our healthcare to the international communities. These projects include promotional activities, infrastructure-related activities and environment-related activities.

+ Promotional activities include online/offline advertisement, publication activities, hosting and participation in international conferences and hosting events such as familiarization tours to Korea.
+ Infrastructure-related activities are based on preventing malpractice disputes to protect patients and healthcare providers in Korea. In addition, KIMA helps to develop human resources and facilities to meet the international standards.
+ Environmental-related activities deal with regulations and international network development to establish better conditions to serve international patients.

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